Wednesday, July 12, 2017

See the world, you are able! /Travelling with a disability


As a youngster, my mother's friend, Audrey, a spry senior, was always telling us about her travells.  I asked my mother why SHE didn't go anywhere and she said that she had too many ailments to do this.  How I envied Audrey and I swore that my life would be full of seeing the world.  As I grew older, I travelled extensively and even lived for a while in Japan, but, alas, my health problems crept up on me as I aged.  I have mobility challenges due to arthritis and a somewhat wonky kidney that robs me of energy.  Did this ever stop my traveling?  Absolutely not!  I discovered Holland America Cruise Lines--the most mobility friendly cruise line that I have encountered.  There have been so many people with scooters, walkers and canes on the voyages we have been on, that I want to encourage you to get out there and see the world too.  .

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