Friday, October 27, 2017

See the World, you are ABLE! Part 7

So this is Provence.  Paradise, especially for anyone who cooks and loves all things that grow.  It smells like lavender -- fields and fields of it -- and has a laid back energy that makes you not want to leave.  From the flower market to the city square, it is glorious.  Big hint here -- ask your tour guide where the meeting place will be and what time to be there so that if you can't keep up with the crowd, at least you can ask for directions.  A person in our party was "lost", but thanks to the guide's friends, the search turned out okay.  She was in a souvenir shop.  Personally, I enjoyed the flea market more than the

Our final stop on this particular cruise was in Barcelona Spain.  Unfortunately, our camera broke so we don't have any pictures.  Barcelona is in itself an art installation -- everywhere you look, you can see the influence of those great Spanish artists -- Gaudi and Picasso.  A visit to their museums is a must as is tasting the food and experiencing the nightlife and flamenco dancers.  We were warned, however, that we had to watch out for pickpockets.  We had an extra day there so we travelled up the mountain to the Monastery at Monserrat in hopes that we could get in to see the Black Madonna or hear their famous boys' choir.  Unfortunately, the choir had left the day before and the line up for the Madonna was two hours long.  Again, God smiled upon us and we were there on a Sunday and enjoyed celebrating Mass with  people from all over the world.  So this ends our Mediterranean excursion and I hope that you will enjoy our further ventures on the cruise ships and will try to make your own memories in the future. 

See the World, You are ABLE, part 6

I will begin this part of our journey by strongly suggesting that anyone who has a "critical" medical challenge should visit their doctor prior to taking your vacation.  It is helpful to alert the Cruise line of any allergies or special needs with regard to your health.  If you have drug allergies, it is helpful to either have a prescription for, or the actual pills. just in case you need them.  Drugs can be expensive in the ports you visit and it takes time away from important sightseeing and shopping time.  I didn't do this and, when I came down with a "bug" and couldn't access my usual medication, my simple infection turned into pneumonia.  I spent most of the one of our cruises in bed or on severely limited excursions.

Luckily, I had been to both Florence and Pisa a few times so Darryl's mission was to take pictures to refresh my memories.  A good tip before booking shore excursions is to read the comments that people have written.  I discovered that all tour buses must park outside on the cities and, tourists must either walk or take a taxi to the centre of town.  I decided that I was too ill to attempt any activity and thus stayed in my wonderfully comfortable bed and watched movies.  He did get some pretty good pictures though.


Ever since I was a little girl, I had admired Grace Kelly, first for her fashion style, and then for her abdication of life as a movie star in favour of becoming the wife of the Prince of Monaco. I had always wanted to visit Monte Carlo, not because of the famous casino, but just to see "how the other half (those with unlimited wealth) lived.  I did take the bus excursion which thrillingly drove us along the Grand Prix race course and explained that most of the new money in that country came from Russia.  I could have gone inside the casino; however, a walk past the famous designer shops was more up my alley.  I must say that I deferred my visit to the famous cafĂ© there as a cup of coffee was $15.00!  When I got back aboard the ship, I pulled out my binoculars and spied on the comings and goings at the yacht club, hoping to recognize some celebrities, royalty or moguls. As I have said before, there is always something to do on board a cruise ship.



Tuesday, October 24, 2017

November Ordo

Definition of ORDO
a list of offices and feasts of the  Church for each day of the year

Some Resources for Daily Readings, collects and biographical information

For All the Saints
A resource to accompany the Calendar of Holy Persons in the BAS. It includes propers for memorials, commemorations, and saints’ days, along with biographical information and primary source readings.
Download the PDF HERE

Holy Women, Holy Men

The liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church of the USA
Download the PDF HERE

The Lectionary Page
Lesser Feasts and Fasts, and additions from a Great Cloud of Witnesses 
Calendar with links to the Collects and Readings for each day.
Find the website HERE

Download SSJD's November  Ordo HEREPlease note that many monastic communities follow their own list of commemorations and many of the celebrations will not be listed in any of these resources. 
Sunday Eucharist - Year A; Weekday Eucharist and Divine Office - Year 1We 1 Feast of All Saints (D). B.A.S. p. 427Th 2 All Souls' Day. Commemoration of All Faithful Departed (D). B.A.S. M.P. & E.P.: see special sheet for Office of the DeadFr 3 Richard Hooker, Priest and Theologian, 1600. (Comm - collect only at MP).Sa 4 Saints of the Old Testament (S)Su 5 Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 31. B.A.S p. 389
John Strachan, Bishop of Toronto and Educator, 1867.(Comm - collect only at MP).

Mo 6 John McLean, Bishop of Saskatchewan, 1886. (Comm - collect only at MP).Tu 7 St. Willibrord, Archbishop of Utrecht, Missionary to Frisia, 739. (Comm - collect only at MP).We 8 Feast of the Blessing of the Chapel, St. John’s House, BC (D)Fr 10 Feast of St. Leo the Great, Bishop of Rome and Doctor, 461 (S)Sa 11 Feast of St. Martin, Bishop of Tours, 397 (S). Remembrance Day.Collects: 1. St. Martin 

2. Remembrance Day
Su 12 Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 32. B.A.S p. 391.
Charles Simeon, Priest and Reformer, 1836. (Comm - collect only at MP).
Tu 14 Samuel Seabury, First Anglican Bishop of North America, 1784. (Comm -collect only at MP).Th 16 Feast of St. Margaret, Saint, Queen of Scotland, 1093 (S)Fr 17 Feast of St. Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, 1200 (S)Sa 18 Feast of St. Hilda, Abbess of Whitby, 680 (S)Su 19 Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 33. B.A.S p. 392.Feast of St. Elizabeth, Saint, Princess of Hungary, 1231 (S)Mo 20 Feast of St. Edmund, King of East Anglia, Martyr, 870 (S)We 22 Feast of St. Cecilia, Martyr at Rome, 229-230 (S)Th 23 Feast of St. Clement, Bishop of Rome, c. 100 (S)Sa 25 Feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Martyr, 4th century (S)Su 26 Week of The Reign of Christ. Proper 34. B.A.S. p. 394-5(The Last Sunday after Pentecost)We 29 at E.P.: 1st E.P. Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle and Martyr (D)Psalms 48, 122 or 84, 150 1st Lesson: Deuteronomy 30: 11-14
2nd Lesson: John 12: 20-32Th 30 Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle and Martyr (D) B.A.S. p. 430NOTE: Due to the Feast of All Souls in November, no separate Requiem is listed.