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Some Resources for Daily Readings, collects and biographical information

For All the Saints
A resource to accompany the Calendar of Holy Persons in the BAS. It includes propers for memorials, commemorations, and saints’ days, along with biographical information and primary source readings.
Download the PDF HERE

Holy Women, Holy Men
The liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church of the USA
Download the PDF HERE

The Lectionary Page
Lesser Feasts and Fasts, and additions from a Great Cloud of Witnesses 
Calendar with links to the Collects and Readings for each day.
Find the website HERE

Download the  SSJD February Ordo HEREPlease note that many monastic communities follow their own list of commemorations and many of the celebrations will not be listed in any of these resources.

Sunday Eucharist - Year B; Weekday Eucharist and Divine Office - Year 2

Please Note: FAS = For All the Saints; HWHM = Holy Women, Holy Men;
for Special Collect/Propers, see Sacristan

Th 1 at EP: 1st EP of The Presentation of the Lord (BAS p 495) (D-PS)

Fr 2 The Presentation of the Lord, BAS p 401 (D-PS)

Sa 3 St Anskar, Missionary Bishop in Denmark and Sweden, 865 (FAS) (S)

Su 4 Fifth Sunday after Epiphany (Proper 5), BAS p 353
St Gilbert, Abbot and Religious Founder, 1189 (Special Propers) (C)

Mo 5 Martyrs of Japan, 1596 (FAS) (C)

Tu 6 John Smith of Demerara, Martyr for Emancipation, 1824 (BAS Common of a Martyr) (C)

Th 8 at EP: 1st EP Hannah Grier Coome, Religious, Founder of SSJD, 1921 (D-PS)
Psalms 1, 15 1st Lesson: Proverbs 2: 1-9
2nd Lesson: Luke 14: 27-33
(or suitable alternatives)

Fr 9 Hannah Grier Coome, Religious, Founder of SSJD, 1921 (Special Propers) (D-PS)
at MP: Psalms 42, 93 Lesson: Luke 18: 18-22
at EP: Psalms 34, 84 1st Lesson: Isaiah 60: 18-end
2nd Lesson: Matthew 5: 1-16
(or suitable alternatives)

Sa 10 St Scholastica, Monastic, 543 (Special Propers) (S)

Su 11 Last Sunday after Epiphany, (Transfiguration), BAS p 397
at EP: Divine Office Sentence & Collect BAS. p. 418

For Divine Office Sunday through Tuesday
Psalms & Lessons : BAS Week of the Beginning of Lent, BAS p. 458
Sentence & Collect : BAS p. 418

Weekday Eucharist Monday & Tuesday use readings for Proper 6

We 14 Ash Wednesday, BAS p 281
St Cyril, Monk, and St Methodius, Bishop, Missionaries to the Slavs, 869, 885 (FAS) (C)

Thursday through Saturday:
Eucharist readings are now found on BAS p 500;
Use Ash Wednesday Sentence & Collect, BAS pages 286 and 281
Daily Office readings continue as on BAS p 458

Fr 16 Requiem

Su 18 First Sunday in Lent, BAS p 286

We 21 Ministry Day - Special Propers at Eucharist & use Ordination Litany Form A - BAS p.661
for the Intercessions; additional collect at MP& EP

Fr 23 St Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, Martyr, 156 (FAS) (S)

Ministry Day – Special and hymn for ministry at Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer

Sa 24 Ministry Day – Special collect and hymn for ministry at Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer
Lindel Tsen, Anglican Bishop of Honan, 1954, and Paul Sasaki, Bishop of Mid-Japan and
Tokyo, 1946 (FAS) (C)

Su 25 Second Sunday in Lent, BAS p p 288

Mo 26 Florence Li Tim-Oi, First Woman Priest in the Anglican Communion,
1992 (FAS, p 781)(C)

Tu 27 George Herbert, Priest and Poet, 1633 (FAS) (C)

We 28 Joseph Sandy, Deacon among the Naskapi and Cree, 1978 (BAS Common of a Pastor) (C)

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